Lake View Getaway
Relaxing retreat in cajun country!
About Us


Let me introduce myself.I am Norma and this is my husband Michael.We are the owners of Lakeview Getaway.We have lived in this beautiful area since 1996.Before moving here we lived on Grand River near Plaque mine,La.Michael worked shift work and I had weekends off.On our days off we would go crawfishing,get home boil a few to eat and peel out the rest of them for our crawfish bisque.Well if we were to tired,we would ice down our catch ,clean up and head on down the bayou to Landry's Seafood Restaurant.After we ate a bite we would head down Shell Beach Road and stop by Chillies and have a beer.Michael is from Baton Rouge,I knew more of the locals because my mom is from Pierre Part.We fell in love with the area,found a nice piece of land with a couple of old camps and got to work.Over the years we have built two homes a few feet from each other and decided to use the other as a rental.We haved lived here happily ever after and would like to share our experiences with you.